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thefortunecookiegirl replied to your post“I have ~30 days left of high school”

Yeah I just counted, I can’t believe it

It doesn’t sound like a long time at all

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I have ~30 days left of high school

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reading a foreign language: yeah
writing in a foreign language: ok
listening to a foreign language: wait
speaking in a foreign language: fuck

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Season 1. Episode 1-6

Game of Thrones "Beautiful Death" - the Official death-by-death countdown to game of thrones season 4  illustrated by Robert M. Ball

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I cant stop drawing feferi in boring poses please help

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The strangler is a rare poison, which makes the person unable to breathe. The poison is made from plants that are only found on islands in the Jade Sea. The leaves of the plant are picked and aged, then soaked in a wash of limes, sugar water and rare spices from the Summer Islands. The leaves are then discarded, but the liquid is kept and thickened with ash and allowed to crystallize. It turns a deep purple color.

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2x04 | 4x02

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i love these goof teens
(happy homestuck day)

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i hope all those assholes who knew about the red wedding and filmed their friends watching it have the good sense to do the same for the purple wedding

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I found a ghost town while driving though the midwest. I spent the day wading through dead grass and exploring the vacant homes.  A rusty water tower lay on the outskirts of the town and the yards were littered with old cars.

 New life took over the town.  Birds had built nests in many of the homes and there was a dead lamb in one.  As it grew dark it began to rain.  I picked the house with the cleanest bed and slept inside as I listened to rain drip through holes in the ceiling and patter on the roof.  I woke up early to the sounds of raccoons near me on the stairs.

fallout irl

This is actually really scary once you think about it. There are newspapers and lightbulbs and a painting on the desk in the second picture. There’s a trailer in the fourth, along with numerous cars. There are pots and personal effects in the second to last, and the place is trashed. What made everyone leave in such a hurry that they didn’t have time to grab what was dear to them, or even leave in their cars? Why would they leave them there, and not even consider driving away? What madness inflicted all of the residents to simply leave, without taking anything?

probably a radiation scare? looking at the cars it very well could have been an evacuation during one of the wars.

Okay, so I looked up one of the papers on the table, “The Star Extra”. This took me to a site implying that it is/was a local paper in South Dakota.  I then googled “South Dakota abandoned towns” and looked for something with a water tower and lots of cars. Took about 10 minutes, but I may have found it:,_South_Dakota

Apparently, it was just a case of poor farm land, little water and few young people wanting to stick around. In 1980, there were 16 people living there, but it seems like the older folks just passed away and didn’t have anyone who wanted to deal with clearing out their homes, so everything was just…left there.

why the fuck would you stay there overnight though

Yeah, seriously I would be so uncomfortable sleeping in an abandoned house, like what if that bed had bugs in it or some serial killer came to kill you in the middle of the night? I mean, that’s the kind of shit you see in horror movies

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“You played a good game. You fought long and hard, met some great friends along the way, and even lost some of those that were dear to you. But you don’t have to worry anymore. Now the only thing left for you to do is rest.

You’ve won.”

yo happy 413 you guys heres to hoping we (dont) have an update today

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I wanted to fit Khione’s quote in there too (“Jason will grace my throne room”) but technically she says that to Piper, so :B

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